Trust me, this is for yer own good. Keep readin' but don't click anything until this page is done loadin' or yer'll be wastin' yer time and mine (YIKES!)

Here's the scoop: I took a little vacation to Mars last week to check out our new Mars Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, but when I got back, guess what? A bunch of mangy monsters had moved into my house and won't let me back in.

Just take a look...

Creepy, huh? Now, how am I supposed to keep savin' the world when my house is full of noisy smelly monsters? So I got to thinkin' - why not ask some of my friends to come over and help me get rid of these guys?

So whadaya say? Are ya ready to help me out or what?

All righty then! Here's it works: There are 12 rooms in my house - 4 on the ground floor, 4 on the second and 4 up in the attic. Go to each room (just move yer mouse over the house and yer'll see yer lantern through the windows) like this...

Here's my bedroom with no one in it...

And here's yer lantern shinin' through the window...

(If ya didn't bring yer lantern, don't worry - I'll loan ya mine.)

When yer in a room ya want to search just click yer mouse button once. When ya see which monster's in that room, click on any room ya think might have the right weapon to scare the monster away (ya can even click the same room if ya want). If ya match the right weapon with the right monster - WHAMMO! - the monster's outta there.

Here's a few things I keep around the house in case of a monster emergency:

So how do I get back in my house? All you have to do is match at least 7 monsters with the right 7 weapons (the other monsters will run away if yer that good) and I can get back in my house and start savin' the world again!

Are ya ready? It takes two people to do the job (or one person pretending to be two) so make sure yer've got a friend to help ya (ask yer Dad or Mom or yer brother or sister). Also make sure yer browser window is stretched as big as yer monitor allows so ya can see as much screen as possible.

Okay, here we go. Decide who will be Player 1 and who will be Player 2 and click below to start. Good luck, Bucko, yer gonna need it! (If ya want to play again, just click on me standin' in front with my lantern.)


Play Ruprecht's Haunted House