Ides of March Rally

March 15th, 2003

A trivial pursuit SCCA rally in Topeka, Kansas. More pics will be added as we get them.

Ed and Sara Hood's 944 Turbo
944 Turbo leads the way.
Hey, no parking on the grass!
Hey! No parking on the grass!
At the half-way point
Are we half-way there yet?
Time to stretch your legs
Time to stretch your legs.
Halfway home!
Are we having fun or what?
It's a small world
Small world
Allen and John and their Mini Cooper S
Dueling Mini Coopers
Not in the rally, but darned cool
A beautiful find
It was a great day for ragtops and, uh... howitzers?
A great day for ragtops
End of a fine day of rallying
End of the line
A well deserved rest at SCCA HQ
Awaiting results at SCCA HQ
The winner home at last
Home at last

Thanks to everyone who participated. What a great event.

If you have more pics, send them to us: