(What's their beef anyway?)


Weird, huh? Now I don’t want anyone out there using this mad
cow disease thing as an excuse to deep fry any more of my cousins.
That’s just a sneaky way of committing more chickencide, Bucko.

Besides, what are all these cows so mad about anyway?

They seem to have it pretty darned easy to me.
Stand around lookin’ stupid all day. Lotsa food. Great benefits.

D’ya ever hear of cow being attacked by a badger?
Huh? Did ya? Now that's somethin’ to get mad about!

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Home, James, and don't spare the bovines...

Er... actually, this is a blatant and wholly unsavory grab
at getting just a few more people to visit my web site.
What’re ya gonna do, I'm just that kind of chicken.