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The world has been saved by Ruprecht Roosterdamus—the Psychic Chicken™—at least 1,000,000 times since 1995.

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Okay, Bucko, here’s the drill...

You got questions, I got answers. Look, I already know what yer gonna ask, but I'm gonna make ya say it anyways, see? So ya know who’s in charge here. And no wisecracks about blue chickens either, or somethin’ very unpleasant could happen to you, if you get my drift.

And now for a few words about Mad Cow Disease...

How do ya work this thing? Thought ya’d never ask. Just form a question deep in yer brain, concentrate (don't strain yerself, Bucko) and click one of my ultra cool buttons. The Blue Guru will take it from there.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. If my answer doesn’t fit yer question, ya weren’t concentratin’ hard enough. Get over it!

Still here? (Ya really are easily amused aren’t ya!) Okay fine.

Click here for why I crossed the road and here for the good & bad news and here if you love animals and here to see my ’67 Saab and here to see our first rally win and here to meet my brother from Senegal.

Don’t be a weak weasel, Bucko. Yer gonna do it, so just do it.

Oh, yeah, and click here if ya got a question or suggestion for me. (Make it good, Bucko, ya don't wanna waste my time, if ya know what I mean...)

Okay, who did this?
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Er...uh...please, oh Great One,
who created this true wonder?


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