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Check out the kudos from Dean Markely below.

Say what?

Listen up, Bucko. How would you like to own the guitar Hendrix played at Woodstock? Or maybe B.B. King's Lucille? Too bad it's never gonna happen.


There's this old friend of mine - Mike Rice - and he makes the most incredible miniature guitar reproductions on the planet. It's just the absolute coolest thing for the rabid guitar fan (okay, wipe the foam from around yer mouth!) Click the thumbnails below to check out the merchandise. Go on, do it. I'll wait.



Impressed yet?

Try this letter from one of Mike's customers:

"In life there are very few times an event will move me. Let me say that upon receiving the Gibson Les Paul Goldtop miniature you built, I was moved. The detail and craftsmanship are beyond belief and it is hard to explain it to someone without them seeing it in person. You are an artist..."

"...It is really nice to know we live in a world where dreams, imagination and pure raw talent can run side by side in the minds and creativity of some very unique individuals..."

"...I will treasure this Les Paul Goldtop miniature till the day I die..."

Still not blown away?

Fine, would ya trust Dean Markley? (Yeah, THE Dean Markley of Dean Markley Strings, Inc.) Check this out:

"Your reproduction of my 'old' '62 Fender Strat is just marvelous. Your commitment to detail, and the true craftsmanship involved in the making of this fine miniature guitar is blatantly obvious. You have done a truely fine job here."

"There is a special place in my house where I shall put it, in its beautiful frame. It shall hang on my wall and I will cherish it forever."

"Folks with special guitars should really enjoy getting a replica of their guitar. I think you are going to end up making a lot of these over the years."

"Thank you again and what wonderful work you do!" - Dean Markley

Okay, okay - awesome stuff - but how much do they cost? Well, Bucko, they start as low as - wait for it - $99 (check the 1958 Explorer) and can run as high as $1000 depending on the size, detail and materials used (check the 1960 Les Paul that won 1st Place at the Oklahoma State Fair.)

Wanna see some of Mike's latest work? Click here and here.

On the workbench - Les Paul and SRV Strat

Remember, these are hand-made, one of a kind creations. No one will ever own the exact same guitar. Ya can even order a custom black display case to keep everyone's grubby fingers off yer masterpiece. Got a friend who has everything? NOT! Now ya know what to get 'em!

How do ya get one? Simple. Send an e-mail with a description of yer dream guitar, or ask about one of the guitars on this page. Mike'll e-mail ya back to discuss how much. If ya like the price - and Mike thinks yer worthy - ya send a deposit and he makes the guitar. When it's finished he'll ship yer guitar C.O.D. If ya don't like it, send it back undamaged for a full refund.

Interested? Click here to send Mike an e-mail.

Life's short, Bucko. Don't get cheap on me now.


Oh, yeah and thankya - thankya very much.

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Thanks loads - now let's leave the building.