Who did this!?

Hi there.

My name is Gary Piland and I'm the perpetrator of the web menace known as Ruprecht Roosterdamus™ and The Psychic Chicken Network™.

I hope you're (yer?) having fun and that Ruprecht has given you a smile or two. He's a great little guy - if you don't rile him.

For the thousands of you who have written for Ruprecht's advice or just to say hello, I'd like to thank you for what has to be some of the craziest and most entertaining discourse on the net.

And to the few I've made angry, well, all I can say is have a nice life.

Finally, if you have a good cause or a quality product that you believe Ruprecht or one of his friends could help promote, drop me an e-mail and we'll discuss it. He can be a great spokeschicken when he's in the mood.

That's it. And thanks for making this such a great experience for me.

See ya,
Gary Piland

P.S. Like Ruprecht always says, “Never peck a sleeping carnivore!”

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Now, back to the surreal world...