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Are ya a psychic or just a psycho? Here's yer chance to find out.

How does it work? Simple. See the cards on the right? The square, triangle, squiggle and star? All ya have to do is read my mind and click on the card I'm concentratin' on. As soon as ya click, I'll pick another card (or the same one again if I'm feelin' tricksy) and ya can try again. Every time yer right, yer score gets better. Every time yer wrong, yer score gets worse.

When yer ready to start over, click the my beak and we'll do it again. Impress yer friends. Terrify yer enemies. Make people ya don't know nervous - but I guess ya do that already, eh Bucko?

Have some friends to compete with? Here's how. Each person gets 10, 20 or 30 guesses (yer choice) and the highest score wins.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. If ya can score a Ruprecht rating on a hundred guesses, yer a major psychic talent. But that doesn't mean yer not my minion, okay? Let's keep our heads about this, Bucko.

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