Yo! What would Ruprecht drive?
Read on, Bucko...

Here he is, Smeagol, my ’67 Saab 96 V4. 92,000 original. Enjoy.

What can I say? Beautiful.

’73 Sonett 1700 V4, 2bbl Weber DGEV, Euro 2bbl manifold, Mitsubishi 75 amp alternator, Bosch Blue Coil, K&N air cleaner and valve breather, thermostatic electric cooling fan, new cap & rotor, new battery and - oh yeah - a huge PRC aluminum radiator, new water pump, new starter, Pertronix, rebuilt distributor, recent valve job, rebuilt tranny, MSS and custom exhaust system, new brakes, new clutch slave, rebuilt master cylinder, new Goodyear 185/65R15s, 5 x Chromodoro-style “GTO” JP Alloy wheels, mini tach, Sony stereo/CD, NOS dash pad. (And a bunch more I’ve forgotten by now.)

Special thanks to Chip Lamb and Jack Ashcraft. They've been essential to this project.


Check out that NOS dash pad. Smooth. (Thanks to Jack Ashcraft.)


Gosh, the clock only goes to 7 o’clock. Must be Swedish time.


Did I mention these? Oil pressure runs 20+lb lb at speed. Volts run 14 at idle and 16 at speed. That 75amp alternator has plenty of juice.


Clear view of how much of the front of the car is taken up by the 17" x 22" PRC aluminum radiator. Never gets to the “N” now even on hot days. If you want one just like it, contact dick@streetrodstuff.com.

(Here's the link to their page: http://streetrodstuff.com/Products/157/).

Check out the exhaust wrapping. Much cooler under the hood now and saves on burns.


Nice shot of the 12" electric fan. (Man I gotta paint those valve covers.) Who stole my radiator cap?? Look closely and you can see my oil pressure sender by the fuel pump.


Kinda tight with only 3/4" clearance for the water pump pulley. Handmade the 1/4" aluminum radiator braces. Nice shot of the 75 amp Mitsubishi alternator - part# 14879 at your friendly neighborhood Autozone.


Just another nice under hood pic showing that monster radiator.


Chromodoros rule. (I have one of these on my spare, too.) All I did to refinish was wire brush them and spray a good coat of aluminum paint. Check the lugs - heavy duty bolts from the hardware store with heavy duty washers.

Got a good set of wheel center caps? I'm a buyer - click here to e-mail me.


Somebody wanted a closeup of one of my lugnuts. Close enough?


Proof of tire size. For those who doubt 185s fit. No rubbing, honest.


Check the exhaust tip. Sounds sweet.

Visit Saabnet.com or VSaab.com to get one of your own.

Here are some pictures take just after I bought the car: Click!

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